A Purpose-Driven Business Philosophy

The Startup Studio is a purpose-driven, for-profit organization whose mission is to bring real and sustainable change inside of classrooms to develop students and teachers who know themselves, can produce real outcomes, have proof of all of it, and are aligned to 21st-century markets.

In order to accomplish this mission, The Startup Studio’s business philosophy is grounded in three core principles:


At The Startup Studio we believe that profit acts as the best metric of sustainability and efficiency but where that profit is partially and responsibly recycled for the benefit of the greater stakeholder.


The Startup Studio is supported by a highly unique funding system linked to sophisticated investors who have been identified as individuals or organizations that care deeply about the mission of the company ensuring that all capital invested aligns to our mission accordingly and without compromise to our values or vision.


Through our One Idea Foundation, The Startup Studio's not for profit foundation, we seek to ensure our mission to bring a transformative solution for human skills development is accessible for everyone regardless of resources. This initiative enables us to drive a portion of our profits back into solving for those areas of education that are currently underserved

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Our Organization & Team Culture

The Startup Studio has come to market as a disruptive force interested only in pairing human capability with life-centered design while providing transformative solutions to our clients throughout the world. To accommodate that we are a non-hierarchical, design led culture, organized to empower every team member, all of whom are driven by excellence and centered around three values:


Our Competencies

The Startup Studio is an expert builder of disruptive systems that deliver transformative solutions for education, capable of meeting the demands of an unpredictable, 21st-century market. We achieve this by leveraging our expertise in modeling, technology, curriculum, community, and certification.


Our Culture

We are a solutions company constantly striving to bring transformative innovation to market through a diverse and highly talented team of exceptional, empathetic, and committed human beings who are joined in one core mission – to bring real and sustainable transformation to education.


Our Cause

We believe that the only way we are going to fix the world is to fix ourselves first. If we can do that, we can begin to solve the problems that are destroying us and our planet. We aspire to be a company that brings a transformative solution to the world for how people learn and develop so as to build a new world of change-makers.

“If companies expect to be sustainable, profitable, and efficient going forward, they must build ever-changing and fluid systems that are made up of “intrapreneurship,” meaning that all members of the organization understand their role and act with a confident sense of free agency within the mission and culture of the company, always aware that change is a constant in a 21st-century marketplace.”

– Gary Conroy, founder & CEO of The Startup Studio

Meet The Startup Studio’s Team

Gary Conroy

Founder & CEO

Anastasia Hall

Director of Education

Dana Conroy

Lead Controller

Ridvan Aliu

Director of Technology

Louis Richner

Director of Media and Content

Jeremy Hall

Director of Wellness Programming

Legjenda Shabani

Learn to Start Platform Manager

Amanda Youngblood

Director of Branding

Matt Custage

Director of Global Partnerships

Meet our Board of Advisors

Gary Conroy

Founder & CEO of The Startup Studio

“If we do not change the current system of education we are going to build a generation enslaved by technology instead of one capable of leveraging it.  The only way we can ensure that happens is if we transform education so it builds market-ready human beings.”

Mehul Desai

Founder & CEO of DeZai

“I support The Startup Studio as I believe it institutionalizes value-education within the confines of the current education system in a truly altruistic manner, instilling hope and optimism as our young people come of age.”

Vikki Hodgkins

Chief Financial Officer for Celebration Restaurant Group, LLC

“I appreciate the opportunity to help give students the tools and confidence to identify and achieve their goals. I applaud Gary and The Startup Studio for filling a critical gap in the modern education system and create future-ready students.”

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