Gary Conroy

Founder & CEO of The Startup Studio

“If we do not change the current system of education we are going to build a generation enslaved by technology instead of one capable of leveraging it. This is a generation that is now burdened to fix a world in need of saving. The only way we can ensure that happens is if we transform education so it builds market-ready human beings.”

Gary is a serial entrepreneur. Born in Dublin, Ireland, Gary moved to the United States after graduating from the Marketing Institute of Ireland in 1994. He began his career in entertainment asset management and ownership in the Amusement, Retail, and Restaurant industries. An American citizen since 2001, Gary has built several companies over almost three decades, ranging from commercial real estate management, a restaurant investment group, and a consultancy group. Over the last decade, Gary’s focus has been centered on education and education technology. Today, Gary is the Founder and CEO of The Startup Studio, a global solutions company whose mission is to bring real, and sustainable transformation to education. He is also focused on building technology solutions capable of assisting in that mission.

Gary passionately believes in integral management solutions that hinge on building teams with talented and sophisticated partners that share his fundamental focus on creativity, strong network building, and the true power of relationships.

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