Louis Richner

Head of Media Creation

“Utilizing the power of content creation, I want to help bring entrepreneurial education to the people of the world, for a better, more empowered tomorrow.”

Louis J. Richner is an entrepreneur and content creation specialist, who produces audio and video material for the education, commercial, and music industries. With 15 years of experience in the production field, Louis brings not only knowledge in the techniques used to create quality content, but also brand-conscious creative decisions, personal perspective and a positive, caring atmosphere to Learn to Start.

Louis’ diversity in the audio and video production fields has given him the ability to work on a variety of projects, requiring strong capabilities in different areas. From audio engineering on music productions to creating educational and documentary films, Louis strives to make a positive impact onto any production in need of his expertise.

Some of Louis’ most noticeable work includes audio production for the Telly Award-Winning Domino’s Pizza “Cheesy Wedding” commercial, along with various commercials for Outback Steakhouse, Fidelity Bank, and Mercedes-Benz. Louis has also produced video content for music artists, small businesses, and multiple organizations in the United States. His strong passion for creating is fueled by a never-ending desire for learning and wanting to bring nothing but the best to any project he’s a part of.

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