Introducing the

LTS Model

A Transformative Model for Human Development

Learn to Start has spent a decade engineering a new model of education capable of claiming the development of market-ready students.


Originally founded in the discipline of entrepreneurship, the Learn to Start model has been built in direct partnership with students, markets, and educators throughout the world.

This model moves students away from a traditional system of academics to one capable of developing in them highly demanded, market-based skills.

Through this model, Learn to Start students claim, “I am market-ready.

LTS model pyramid diagram

Understanding the Learn to Start System of Assessment

Through the Learn to Start process, students develop the skills and mindset to be competitive, aligned, and productive inside 21st-century markets using our K-Market™ model of learning.


LTS Model empowers students to develop voice, choice, and independence, so they can confidently enter their field of interest as producers, rather than consumers, while answering the only three questions that matter:

Who are you?™

What can you do?™

How do you prove it?™

3 Powerful Outcomes

The Learn to Start Program enables each student to leave school as market-ready individuals equipped with the agency necessary to control their lives and tangible proof of their value through their portfolio and certifications.



Learn to Start participants discover themselves and begin building their true potential, as they learn how to communicate their authentic story.

Who are you?



Learn to Start students build their market-ready portfolio to communicate their value as producers in the marketplace.

What can you do?



Learn to Start students certify in employability skills currently demanded by industry, enabling them to pivot through their careers. 

How do you prove it?

A REIMAGINED Model Designed for 21st-Century Human Development

The LTS Model develops students to approach college and market entrance with purpose.

This is accomplished using a transformative model of learning designed using a throughline that ultimately empowers students to identify pathways aligned to their passions, interests and purpose.

A K-Market™ Journey of Development

The Learn to Start Model drives a pedagogy that considers students’ passions, interests, and capabilities, and is capable of developing the whole human being from the start of their educational career all the way through their entry into the market.

Why entrepreneurship?

The Learn to Start Difference

Learn to Start has been invented to ensure students experience and learn from failure. This drives a powerful solution that solves a massive gap between what industry demands in their labor forces and what education is currently producing

Test Metrics pyramid


Learn to Start is a powerful solution capable of providing outcomes for your school or organization
that bring about real change.


We offer a blueprint for change that the entire organization is directly connected to and intrinsically motivated to execute on.


We ensure your entire organization is constantly connected to the realities of the marketplace.


Learn to Start builds real agency into your organization’s culture and ensures everyone can become change-makers in their community.


Learn to Start educators become risk-takers tied directly to real-world market dynamics that elevate their relevance inside every classroom they serve whether physical or virtual.


We move all our participants to create portfolios so as to ensure everyone in the organization is transparent and aligned with the mission for change.


We ensure your organization becomes balanced, moving away from pure academics and moving towards new metrics founded in market readiness.

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