A Transformative Bridge Connecting Industry to Individual Journeys of Development

LTS Marketplace leverages our advanced technologies to give Industry early access to the market’s next generation of critical thinkers, developing intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs through a transformative K-Market system of human development named Learn to Start.

"I applaud Learn to Start for filling a critical gap in the modern education system and create future-ready students."

Vikki Hodgkins, Chief Financial Officer for Celebration Restaurant Group, LLC

The Three promises of Every
Learn to Start Industry Partner

LTS Market-Ready Accreditation

LTS Market-Ready Accreditation

 The Learn to Start Market-Ready™ Certifications are recognized, endorsed and accredited by industry at large and certify students as aligned, competitive, and prepared to succeed inside of highly unpredictable, 21st-century markets.
LTS Marketplace Participation

LTS Marketplace Participation

Our Industry Partners play a pivotal role in providing powerful market resources and market access to all LTS participants, ensuring they are Market-Ready™ Certified and prepared to enter their organizations at graduation.
Entry-Level Employment, Internships and Incubation

Entry-Level Employment, Internships and Incubation

With an industry-recognized certification, our technology provides direct access to our Learn to Start Market-Ready™ 2 Certified graduates' published portfolios and provides our Learn to Start graduates direct access to our Industry Partner’s early-entry pathways and opportunities.

Five Areas of Marketplace Participation

Mentor Series

Industry professionals share their stories, provide their expertise, and offer their philosophical outlooks based on their years of experience in a specific field.


LTS students from Middle School on have access to an entire database of industry demanded jobs and credentials supplied directly from a global market of Industry Partners.

Story in Motion

Industry professionals from different backgrounds share their answers to the critical questions: Who am I? and Why does it matter?


LTS students present their projects and startups to a group of selected industry professionals in order to earn their dedicated mentorship as they enter the market.

LTS Immersion

Our Industry Partner organizations share their market challenges with LTS students so they can experience the reality of market-based problem solving.

Market-Based, Real World Content Brings Relevance to Every Classroom We Serve

Meet Our Industry Partners

Meet industry leaders from around the world and hear what they have to say about Learn to Start.

"Learning to take risks with your ideas is the first step to success, and Learn to Start helps facilitate this conversation."

Cindy Schooler, Managing Principal of SRS Real Estate Partners

"Students need to learn to operate outside their comfort zone, take risks, and embrace failure to better themselves. They need to be prepared so they can take on the challenges of a constantly changing environment. This is why I believe Learn to Start's mission is so important."

Sander Eijkenduijn, Co-Founder at SCORPEO US LLC

"Equipping young people with entrepreneurial skills and a process for taking their ideas to reality will add significant value to their lives. Learn to Start’s commitment to instilling these skills within our youth is why I am proud to be a supporter."

David Brim, Founding Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Orlando Opportunity Fund

“Learn to Start offers students an unparalleled opportunity to build skills that will benefit them across any career path they choose.”

Matthew Custage, Sr. Vice President of FUEL Partnerships

"I applaud Learn to Start for filling a critical gap in the modern education system and create future-ready students."

Vikki Hodgkins, Chief Financial Officer for Celebration Restaurant Group, LLC

"I support Learn to Start as I believe it institutionalizes value-education within the confines of the current education system in a truly altruistic manner, instilling hope and optimism as our young people come of age.”

Mehul Desai, Founder & CEO of DeZai

"Experiencing Learn to Start and the LTS learner space was the catalyst for me to write my book, Clues, and begin my own internship and mentorship programs. Learn to Start is what education needs. It needs to connect to the marketplace."

Melissa Butterworth, Founder & CEO of Advanced Strategic Services

"Learn to Start reimagines curriculum and student development, emphasizing communication and personal growth, thereby creating critical thinkers."

Adam Marshall, Founding Member and Attorney at Marshall Grant, PLLC

"I support Learn to Start because the future is created in the present, and investing in today’s young minds insures that tomorrow is better."

Simon T. Bailey, Founder & Leader of SPARK Movement

"Partnering up with Learn to Start allows me to give back and share my experiences to the future business leaders. I hope to help and inspire others in their journey through commerce."

Sanjay Srinivasan, Founder and President of Global Enterprises

"Grounded in practice not theory, students leave the Learn to Start program armed with the ability to tackle real life situations."

Joe Gitto, Founder and Managing Director of Blue Sky Exit Planners and Advisors

“Learn to Start is changing lives by developing independent thinkers through innovation in education, shifting the way our students think, opening minds, and involving the entrepreneurial community in education. This program should be a part of every school’s curriculum.”

Julia Aquino-Serrano, Founder & CEO of All Systems Grow

"The earlier students can get exposed to the principles and practice of creating their own businesses, the better prepared they will be when they get out in the real world to pursue opportunities of their own."

James Hunter IV, EVP & General Counsel at Marriott Vacations Worldwide


One Idea Foundation logo

Through One Idea Foundation, The Startup Studio’s foundation, we seek to make our mission accessible for everyone regardless of resources by driving a portion of our profits back into solving for those areas of education that are currently underserved.

All of our Industry Partners are invited to participate in sponsoring and driving this initiative for change and are introduced to One Idea at their LTS Industry Partnership signing.

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