Linh Nguyen

Linh Nguyen

Director of Operations SE Asia

“Learn to Start focuses on developing real-world skills and it is one of the most valuable tools the young people should have. This program helps to bring the revolution for students and participants to learn and experience in a supportive environment where instructors and mentors always inspire, encourage, and help them to build their own paths towards become the very best version of themselves.”

Linh identifies herself as a communicator at heart who is trying to cut across languages and cultures, with a BA of Japanese Linguistic and BA of English Linguistic, and has worked as a Business Development Consultant for Japanese and US enterprises for over 10 years to help foreign companies with business license registration, business matching, and building the bridge between Vietnamese and foreign enterprises so that they can earn the most potential business opportunities.

While working with enterprises, Linh realized that their concern is neither qualifications nor the knowledge of Vietnamese people, but rather it is finding the adaptability, teamwork, and leadership skills that they are looking for to build the key-team for their business. Those skills are not something that the young people can learn in school, but they have to gain those skills by themselves.

2020 has brought up so much for so many, it’s impossible to predict the future. The only thing that can be done is to prepare for it. During this pandemic, people had the opportunity to find new ways to connect, new ways to learn, and new ways to embrace themselves. The youth now have chance to prepare themselves with compatible values, the ability to make the most powerful decisions, to develop the resilience to face realities, and to recover after uncomfortable emotions. These are essential for everyone and can be a competitive advantage in the future.

Linh also believes that participating in the process of bringing Learn to Start into Vietnam is an incredible opportunity to enrich the education market, providing experiential learning opportunities, and encouraging young people to explore, change, and improve their mindset. The program focuses on developing real-world skills which are the most valuable tools the young people deserve to have, and anyone can find and gain the very piece that they are looking for through the journey of Learn to Start.

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