Learn to Start K-Market™ Solutions

A decade of listening, understanding, and building

Working with schools, organizations, and markets throughout the world since 2014, The Startup Studio has built a complete K-Market solution that is capable of developing students and training instructors using a transformative model of education.

Learn to Start for Lower School

Learn to Start is designed to begin at the beginning. Using our technology platforms we embed LTS across all your lower school curriculums. It is here we introduce a powerful and first-of-its-kind throughline solution into education that ensures the complete transformation of a human’s entire learning journey driven by the principals of Story, Relationship, Failure, and Mentorship, offered as a school-within-a-school model as well as a virtual school model.

Learn to Start for Middle School

A seamless throughline from LS and towards HS, our MS curriculum and platform experience focuses on community-based projects that empower students to take action in a collaborative team experience and continue iterating on their market-ready portfolios. Students engage in the foundational skill development which will lead them to the process of earning the Learn to Start Market-Ready Certifications in High School.

Learn to Start for
High School

Using the same seamless throughline driven by portfolio, Learn to Start students now set their focus towards real market-entry based in the 20 demanded market skills inside their Market-Ready Certifications . Students will have up to four years to prepare for certification. Offered as an elective or mandatory program as a school-within-a-school or virtual school solution.

Learn to Start for Higher Education

Learn to Start for Higher Education is designed as a complimentary virtual solution for colleges and universities interested in ensuring all their students, regardless of major, are building a portfolio of work that represents the best version of themselves aligned with real-world market demands. In addition, all our college and university students have the option to use their Learner Platform to submit for Market-Ready Certification 1 or 2.

Learn to Start for
Career and Technical Education

Embedded into the Adult Education and postsecondary CTE programming, the Learn to Start program and technology platforms allow for the parallel development of employability skills alongside industry specific skills resulting in both types of certifications. These future employees and employers of industry enter the markets with a portfolio of work that clearly defines how they will execute and the value they will bring to their work.