Gary Conroy

Gary Conroy

Gary is a visionary entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of The Startup Studio.

A letter on behalf of this young generation

In the end it comes down to compassion.

I care so deeply about this young, upcoming generation. For me, they are the beginning of all significant change in the world. Real change that matters. They are going to build a world that is driven by compassion, a world that is sustainable and a world that is profitable for all people, and where profitability is a measure of fulfillment, happiness and efficiency and never personal wealth. Sad to say, but my generation, while I credit it deeply for beginning the digital age, an age that has harnessed the power this next generation will use to accomplish the great change I refer to, has also clouded the idea of an entrepreneur by the idea that it is a discipline measured by fast growth. A Startup to IPO mentality so to speak.

Entrepreneurship is not about creating currency alone. That is simply a by-product of great entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are first of all problem seekers burdened with the awesome responsibility to bring the world real solutions. These solutions must be efficient, sustainable and profitable to survive but DO NOT confuse the Entrepreneurs motivation. Any Entrepreneur who secretly or publicly claims wealth as his or her motivator will either be short lived or will live in the world as something else entirely. 

Our young generation cares little of dollars. I have listened intently to them and, rest assured, they have seen its destructive force. They have witnessed their parents sixty hour work weeks and failed financial plans. They are the victims of high divorce rates and they are one hundred percent fully aware of a failing education system that is giving them only a fraction of the skills they know they actually need in a twenty first century global economy. Yet they will be the change makers and they have an incredible amount of work to do to get this world positioned for real sustainability and efficiency.

They are the generation the world has awaited and they cannot be swindled and they are no fools. They smell disingenuous and unoriginal a million miles away. So for those of you teaching them and guiding them know that they see you for exactly who you are. Respect them and guide them. Develop real trust with them by being honest with them because they are going to judge you on that alone.

To be in the constant presence of this young generation, guiding them through mentorship and experiential access, is the greatest privilege of my life. They inspire only optimism in me. Let us all be sure to support them and nurture them because they have a lot to do.

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