We Live In A Time When One Idea Can Change The World

If a student today can accomplish a state of wellness, empowerment and performance and combine it with the power of the technology they can change the world and all of their ideas will simply be starting points, sparks that can ignite something incredible.

How to Create Effective Pass/Fail Learning Environments

Real change must come from the leaders of the actual classrooms – the teachers – because in a world where teachers become the CEOs of their own domains, that is when we will see education truly begin to take the turn towards measurable and effective change. 

A letter on behalf of this young generation

In the end it comes down to compassion. I care so deeply about this young, upcoming generation. For me, they are the beginning of all significant change in the world. Real change that matters. They are going to build a world that is driven by compassion, a world that is sustainable and a world that […]

The Solution to Transforming Education Might Just Be in the Hands of Entrepreneurs

Four years ago Dr Steven Lyng, the Assistant Headmaster of Windermere Preparatory School, a private school located in the town of Windermere, Florida, asked me this profound question: “What would it look like to offer Entrepreneurial Studies at our High School?” Steve is a visionary curriculum creator impassioned on ensuring education changes to meet the […]

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