Learn to Start Certifications

As a debate, teaching content versus teaching skills as the foundation for any curriculum needs to end. Traditional academics has focused on content for decades as the means through which students develop skills. But this is inefficient and limiting.

Learn to Start Technology

Technology inside of education must always be a tool instead of the core of the solution. When technology is treated as a tool, it’s used with nuance, with pedagogy, and is tested appropriate to student outcomes. When technology is the solution, inefficiencies are more accepted, lack of relevance isn’t questioned, and purpose isn’t differentiated. Solutions […]

Teachers as Mentors

In a traditional academic system of education, teachers teach knowledge rather than guide skill development as the primary focus of their curriculum. In this system, mentorship is not embedded into the culture or curriculum. Teachers are subject experts who are obliged to ensure as much content is comprehended and memorized as possible by their students […]

The LTS Marketplace – Bridging the Gap to Industry

There is a growing gap between education and industry where the outcomes of the former do not meet the hiring needs of the latter. Industry needs people who can problem-solve, but education creates people who depend on others to tell them the solution. Industry needs people who are aligned to their missions and values, but […]

Learn to Start EDU: The LTS Instructor

The Learn to Start instructor has the charisma to engage and challenge a room into action. They bring strong self-confidence but not ego to the classroom. They are a student formative development expert that recognizes that the focus of the program is on skill development rather than the delivery of content. They model transparency and […]

Learn to Start Model (Pedagogy)

The LTS Model drives a transformative model of learning that empowers students to develop voice, choice, and independence in their formative years of education, and enter their field of interest with a portfolio that proves their value and the confidence to claim it. We call this student Market-Ready™.

The Only Three Questions that Matter: How Do I Prove it?

There are three questions that can bridge the divide between education and industry: “Who am I?”, “What can I do?”, and “How do I prove it?” Industry has for too long relied on filtering through resumes built up like checklists that mark the gateway into desired jobs, without having a hiring system that leads to […]

The Only Three Questions that Matter: What Can I Do?

There are three questions that should be the foundation of all formative development: “Who am I?”, “What can I do?”, and “How do I prove it?” Learn to Start uses these three questions as the guiding principles of all pedagogy and curriculum because they maintain the integrity needed for students to experience true formative environments […]

The Only Three Questions That Matter: Who Am I?

There are only three questions that matter when assessing the value of a person in the marketplace: “Who am I?”, “What can I do?”, and “How do I prove it?” These are the questions that ground people in the journey to self-awareness, confidence, and societal impact. These are the three questions Learn to Start uses […]

Siloed Subjects Create a Myopic View of Learning

In a traditional academic system of education, subjects and levels are separate entities rather than an interconnected experience. A student’s day is separated into periods/classes that do not need to connect to each other, erasing any responsibility on the part of the institution, administration, or teacher to create through-lines for the student experience.

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