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Learn to Start is an education solutions company that provides curriculum programming and interconnected technology capable of developing market-ready human beings.

Built from the markets for education

Every individual must be able to communicate their value in the world, and every individual deserves the space and time to find alignment in that world.

It all begins with the only three questions that matter: 

A research-based transformative learning model

We build curriculums and technologies that can reshape human skills development and ensure people can be aligned, productive and competitive in a highly unpredictable 21st-century marketplace.

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LTS Provides Three Powerful Solutions
for Three Critical Problems

Learn to Start is Founded on Five Powerful Competencies

LTS Core vectors: the model, EDU, marketplace, certification, and technology

A Unique Model for Human Development

The LTS Model produces students who are Market-Ready, meaning self-aligned with the skills and mindset to be competitive and produce real outcomes

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Curricula Reimagined Using A K-Market™ Development System

Vertical or Horizontal implementation at every level of human development.

LTS Lower School

Starting in kindergarten, LTS begins creating connections between the school's lesson plans and the LTS model of development.

LTS Middle School

Learners engage in the foundational skill development which are the first steps towards earning their Market-Ready Certifications.

LTS High School

Based in industry’s most demanded skills, learners gain market-ready certification backed up by market-ready portfolios.

LTS Academy

Higher ed and adult learners approach market entry and build the skills and mindset necessary to become self-empowered agents.

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Proudly Partnering with these Organizations

Teaching Reimagined for the 21st-Century

Teachers become mentors and facilitators inside a transformative learning environment that empowers students by leveraging their passions and interests.

Connecting Industry and the Classroom

Learn to Start’s industry partners play a pivotal role in providing powerful market resources and market access to all LTS participants, ensuring they are Market-Ready™ Certified as early as high school graduation.

Accredited by Industry for Education

LTS Market-Ready™ Certifications have been engineered from decades of research to ensure learners are prepared with the employability skills necessary to be competitive in the market – both for today and the unpredictable future ahead.

LTS Certification Level 1 badge

Competitive Entry-Level

Level One prepares participants to learn on the job and confidently respond to feedback based on their proficiency in specific human skills.

LTS Certification Level 2 badge

Competitive Project-Management Employability

Level Two prepares participants to exercise leadership within a project and team with the support of mentorship based on their proficiency in human skills.

Patent-pending technology infrastructure

Connecting four unique participants to deliver a human-focused, open market, formative model of learning and assessment at scale.

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