Gary Conroy

Founder & CEO of Learn to Start

“If we do not change the current system of education we are going to build a generation enslaved by technology instead of one capable of leveraging it. This is a generation that is now burdened to fix a world in need of saving. The only way we can ensure that happens is if we transform education so it builds market-ready human beings.”

Understanding why Learn to Start exists

Three Critical Problems

The Development and Assessment of Human Beings

Education continues to drive a highly academic system of learning and then assesses human development using an antiquated system tied primarily to the output of a GPA. 

A Growing Relevance Gap

Education is siloed away from the realities of the markets and remains driven by a model based in academics. This is causing a relevance gap to exist.

The Absence of a Proper Throughline Inside of Education

Education, as a result of siloed and highly academic curriculums, is inhibiting the generation of the market’s most demanded skillsets – Agency and Creativity.

Three Powerful Solutions

A Transformative Model of Learning

The LTS Model is founded in the skills and mindset demanded by 21st-century markets, and has been designed to provide a pedagogical solution capable of developing market-ready students.

A Patent-Pending Technology Infrastructure

LTS Technology places students directly up against the markets they are preparing to enter, leveraging their passions and interests to understand their place in the world while being connected to a unique community of active participants essential to their development.

A K-Market™ Throughline

LTS provides a  system of human development based in portfolio building, driven by our LTS curriculums.  The student’s entire educational journey is experienced as a learning model founded in self-discovery, starting at the beginning of a throughline that remains consistent into market-entry and beyond.

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