Amanda Youngblood

Director of Branding

“Learn to Start offers an alternative to traditional schooling, shifting from outdated methods and content towards a more relevant and empowering education model.”

I do a lot of things! As a Manifesting Generator (in Human Design), I have a lot of things that spark joy for me, but primary among those are making things beautiful and inspiring people to become more fully themselves and do what lights them up.

This has manifested as years of designing websites for myself and others that are both functional and beautiful, creating user interfaces that are simple to use and elegantly expressed, and developing lessons and experiences that help people practice skills in real-world scenarios to support their growth and learning.

I’ve done everything from teaching and leading in high school environments (English, History, Creative Writing, Yearbook), to training educators about how to use Google Workspace, to designing websites and SaaS platforms, to building and maintaining brands and brand-related collateral.

Now, in addition to managing Learn to Start’s brand, I work full-time at EY Foundry creating and managing the content for a patent-pending AI-powered online conversational skills training platform.

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