Stacking the Learn to Start Market-Ready Certification Up Against Current Market Demanded Skills

According to’s Most Demanded Soft Skills in the Workplace 2020 Report

Skills LTS
Team player

According to World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report: Top Skills 2025

Skills LTS
Analytical thinking and innovation
Active learning and learning strategies
Complex problem-solving
Critical thinking and analysis
Creativity, originality, and initiative
Leadership and social influence
Technology use, monitoring, and control
Technology design and programming
Resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility
Reasoning, problem-solving, and ideation

Looking Closer - Learn to Start outcomes Align Perfectly with Market Demands

Adobe’s In-demand skills you need to get hired in 2022

Skills LTS
Data Science: Creativity, Time management, Proactivity, Project management, IT automation, Data analysis and statistics
Engineering: Strong, active communication, Adaptability, Creativity, Project management, Software development, Product management
User Experience: Adaptability, Compliance and self-discipline, Virtual presence etiquette, Writing, IT automation, AI
Workplace Diversity: Virtual presence etiquette (on virtual calls: Zoom, Teams, etc.), Conflict management, strong, active communication, Data analysis, AI, Video and audio production
Digital Content: Creativity, Proactivity, Time management, Project management, Graphic design, Data analysis and statistics
Business Development and Sales: Conflict management, Project management, Data analysis and statistics, Graphic design
Education: Strong, active communication, Creativity, Virtual presence etiquette, Data analysis and statistics, Project management, Graphic design
Mental Health: Creativity, Conflict management, Digital marketing, Sales, Project management
Professional Coaching: Strong, active communication, Conflict management, Project management, IT automation, AI

McKinsey Research’s 56 Foundational skills that will help citizens thrive in the future of work

Cognitive Skills LTS
Critical thinking: Structured problem solving, Logical reasoning, Understanding biases,Seeking relevant information
Planning & ways of working: Work-plan development Time management and prioritization
Communication: Storytelling and public speaking, Asking the right questions, Synthesizing messages, Active listening
Mental Flexibility: Creativity and imagination, Translating knowledge to different contexts, Adopting a different perspective, Adaptability, Ability to learn
Self-leadership Skills LTS
Self-awareness and self-management: Understanding own emotions and triggers, Self-control and regulation, Understanding own strengths, Integrity, Self-motivation and wellness, Self-confidence
Entrepreneurship: Courage and risk-taking, Driving change and innovation, Energy, passion and optimism, Breaking orthodoxies
Goals Achievement: Ownership and decisiveness, Achievement orientation, Grit and persistence, Coping with uncertainty, Self-development
Interpersonal Skills LTS
Mobilizing Systems: Role modeling, win-win negotiations, crafting an inspiring vision, organizational awareness
Developing relationships: Empathy, Inspiring trust, Humility, Sociability
Teamwork Effectiveness: Fostering inclusiveness, Motivating different personalities, Resolving conflicts, Collaboration, Coaching, Empowering
Digital Skills LTS
Digital fluency and citizenship: Digital literacy, Digital learning, Digital collaboration, Digital ethics
Software use and development: Programming literacy, Data analysis and statistics, Computational and algorithmic thinking
Understanding digital systems: Data literacy, Smart systems, Cybersecurity literacy, Tech translation and enablement

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