The Startup Studio announces partnership with GOKBERK EDUCATION and CONSULTANCY SERVICES INC, Turkey.
The Startup Studio, a Florida based LLC, has announced that it has entered into a Global Agency Agreement with GOKBERK EDUCATION and CONSULTANCY SERVICES INC, a corporation based in Istanbul, Turkey. The Startup Studio was founded by Gary Conroy and is a US education solutions company whose mission is to bring real and sustainable change to education using its trademarked programming named Learn to Start. GOKBERK EDUCATION was founded by Kayhan Karli and is a Turkish education solutions company interested in bringing innovation to education in Turkey using new school models, teacher training, and innovative programming for both the K-12 and university level of education.  “We are so thrilled to announce this partnership,” says Conroy, founder and CEO of The Startup Studio. “Bringing our Learn to Start solution alongside Kayhan and his team as they look to continue their amazing work to innovate education inside the Turkish market is very exciting and aligns perfectly with our mission as a global education company.” The Startup Studio’s Learn to Start program is built and offered to high schools, universities, and organizations looking to offer students and professionals the kind of learning that ensures they can promote real outcomes for people that move them away from the more academic aspects of education to learn the soft skills that are in high demand by the market today and in the future. Conroy, a serial entrepreneur, initially developed Learn to Start for Windermere Preparatory School, a private school in Windermere, Florida, that is owned by Nord Anglia Education (Nord Anglia Education owns and operates 66 private K-12 schools all over the world). Today the program has been expanded, adding three additional Nord Anglia Schools with more coming on board in 2020. “This partnership with Kayhan allows us to identify and align with more schools both at the high school and university level who are interested in bringing disruptive programming to their students,” says Conroy. He continues by adding, “The Startup Studio has come to the market to bring a beautifully designed and highly effective scalable solution to education. Our mission is to identify schools that are interested in aligning with our mission of change and begin bringing students the kind of outcomes that can ensure them a better future based on empowerment, performance, and wellness.” Karli is one of Turkey’s preeminent innovators when it comes to bringing change into education and has a deep pedigree in the space with over twenty-eight years of teaching and education management. Since March of 2011, he has been conducting a series of conferences and workshops on “21st-Century Schools and Learning” where he has delivered training to over thirty-thousand educators. In 2017, Kayhan developed YOM Schools, a 21st-century private model with social enterprise at its core. There are currently five schools in Istanbul and Izmir. “I believe that everyone should have an entrepreneurial mindset where they solve problems rather than waiting for solutions. The Startup Studio has created innovative tools to teach this mindset for people of any age” says Kayhan. “People who see the future as an opportunity and not as an end will make the difference, and The Startup Studio aligns perfectly with our vision.”  To learn more about The Startup Studio please visit To learn more about YOM | Centre for Innovative Learning & Schools please visit

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