The Startup Studio Announces Partnership with David Rowe and The Windermere Group

The Startup Studio, a Florida based LLC, has announced that it has entered into an Exclusive Agency Agreement with The Windermere Group, also a Florida based LLC.

The Startup Studio is an Education Solutions Company whose mission is to bring real and sustainable change to education using its trademarked programming named Learn to Start.

The Windermere Group, a consultancy firm owned by Dr. David Rowe, helps colleges and universities adapt to meet the changing needs of students and society.

“We are so thrilled to announce this partnership,” says Gary Conroy, Founder and CEO of The Startup Studio. “David has such an impressive pedigree and reach inside of education, but he also understands the disruption that must take place if a lot of educational institutions hope to remain relevant in this 21st century. We believe the missions of our two companies are perfectly aligned.”

The Startup Studio’s Learn to Start program is built and offered to both High Schools and Universities looking to offer students the kind of learning that ensures they can promote real outcomes for students that move them away from the more academic aspects of education to learn the soft skills that are in high demand by the market today and in the future.

Conroy, a serial entrepreneur, initially developed Learn to Start for Windermere Preparatory School, a private school in Windermere, Florida, that is owned by Nord Anglia Education (Nord Anglia Education owns and operates 66 private K-12 schools all over the world). Today the program has been expanded, adding three additional Nord Anglia Schools with more coming onboard in 2020.

“This partnership with David allows us to begin broadening our reach into the market where we can begin to identify and align with more schools, both at the High School and University level, that are interested in bringing disruptive programing to their students,” says Conroy. He continues by adding, “The Startup Studio has come to the market to bring a beautifully designed and highly effective scalable solution to education. Our mission is to identify schools that are interested in aligning with our mission of change and begin bringing students the kind of outcomes that can ensure them a better future based in empowerment, performance and wellness.”

Founded in 2017, The Windermere Group helps institutions within the disrupted higher education sector design revenue-positive strategies that add value, increase efficiency, and open new markets. The Startup Studio provides colleges and universities with a mission-aligned turnkey partnership that does all three.

Rowe says, “Learn to Start complements content mastery in traditional academic settings by using entrepreneurship as a catalyst for helping students grow their own abilities to solve problems, to work as teams, to communicate orally and in writing, and to match their deepest passions with the world’s greatest needs.  Students don’t learn about entrepreneurship; they learn through it. As a result Learn to Start alumni are more than career ready. They are life ready.”

To learn more about The Windermere Group please visit LinkedIn.

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