"“If we do not change the current system of education we are going to build a generation enslaved by technology instead of one capable of leveraging it. This is a generation that is now burdened to fix a world in need of saving. The only way we can ensure that happens is if we transform education so it builds market-ready human beings.”


To begin, we must stop saying “career-ready.”

Reverse engineering credentials from the current job market cannot be the solution. The job market is experiencing constant shifts and is now completely unpredictable. As a result of the exponential rise in technology, there is not a person on the planet who can definitively claim they know what the world will look like in ten years.

Using “career-ready” as a driving force will cause us to build another antiquated system that completely fails this generation and the ones to come.

Education does not align with the markets. It aligns with the continuation of more education. High school has become enslaved to the demands of higher education, but higher education and the four-year degree model are losing value at an exponentially fast rate.

The task at hand calls for a complete transformation of the system. Change is complex, especially for highly scaled and rigid systems. We must introduce solutions to allow a heavily institutionalized system to experience real transformation over a reasonable period of time.

Change can not come from within the system. It will require a partnership with outside forces who actually fully understand the markets. These are partners who understand how to execute solutions that bring about real and sustainable change that can produce market-ready students. That means developing human beings who are fully ready to operate inside a world 4.0, while understanding world 5.0 is right around the corner.

To solve for this problem we need a solution that …

Is capable of beginning at the beginning.

That means a seamless throughline, founded in portfolio, that begins in lower school and carries through to high school and beyond. 

Involves a community...

 ...of actors who are constantly involved in a human being's development. That means parent, instructors, mentors, and employers.

Uses technology...

...to supply transparent tools that provide all actors real access to the student’s development in building a portfolio that ensures three fundamental questions are constantly being answered. Who are you?What can you do? How can you prove it?

Builds market-demanded employability skills...

...as the primary focus of a human being’s development, removing a lot of the academic content from the current curriculum and replacing it with a transformative model in human development capable of achieving three outcomes. 1. Empowerment 2. Wellness 3. Performance.

Allows educators to become skilled...

...in understanding real-world market dynamics and market demands so as to ensure they can bring relevancy into their own curriculums.

Reduces the narrative that "everyone must go to college,"...

...understanding that the four year degree is no longer fully aligned with market demands. Employers want credentials tied to essential soft skills to be the driving force of educational outcomes. If we listen to them, we will unlock a massive pool of talent who are currently serving the four year degree model and move to make them active participants and constant life-long learners inside  the marketplace.

The Startup Studio and the Learn to Start Model is that solution.