Sander Eijkenduijn

Co-Founder at SCORPEO US LLC

We need real changes in eduction. Simply learning textbook solutions is not good enough. The real world is not a textbook. Students need to learn to operate outside their comfort zone, take risks, and embrace failure to better themselves. They need to be prepared so they can take on the challenges of a constantly changing environment. This is why I believe Learn to Start’s mission is so important.

Sander started his career in 2000 as a tax lawyer for PwC in Amsterdam and London. After 9 years he changed career and became an complex financial instruments structurer, first at Barclays Capital and later with Nomura International. At Nomura he specialized in corporate actions arbitrage and trading.
In 2012, Sander co-founded Scorpeo, a financial technology company focusing on recovering missed value in corporate actions for large asset managers and pension funds. After 4 years of development, Scorpeo launched its main platform, Scorpeo’s Value Capture Platform. In 2016, Scorpeo signed it first major contract with Northern Trust for the provision of missed value analysis services. Scorpeo recently signed a contract with one of the largest US States. Sander has guided Scorpeo through multiple investment rounds. Scorpeo has offices in the UK and US.
In 2012, Sander co-founded an equities trading company that was successfully sold a few years later. With Scorpeo, Sander helped incubate a blockchain start up company in 2017. In 2019, Scorpeo successfully sold its stake as part of a second investment round by the blockchain start up.
In 2018, Sander and the Scorpeo co-founders started the build of a technology hub for the distribution of smaller financial technology solutions to large financial institutions through a single sign-on portal. This hub will be launched in the US in the second half of 2020.
Sander is also an ambassador of the Transparency Task Force, a collaborative campaigning community set up after the 2008 financial crisis, dedicated to driving up the levels of transparency in financial services around the world.
In his spare time he loves to sail, surf, and fly single engine planes. He lives in Florida with his two children.

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