Julia Aquino-Serrano

Founder & CEO of All Systems Grow

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Entrepreneur. Consultant. Author. Speaker. Coach.

Serial entrepreneur, hard working mom and breast cancer survivor, All Systems Grow CEO & Founder Julia Aquino is no newcomer to tough choices. For over 25 years she has spent time on all sides of the business world. She currently runs her own company as a highly sought-after consultant to “fix” and grow small to medium size businesses. She is also a speaker, writer, and community activist.

She has her B.S. in Finance and earned her MBA with a specialization in Accounting. She intuitively aligns her expertise in Operations with her financial insight to build great companies.

She understands that Excellence is a Choice®: “I believe that when a business fails, it comes down to ineffective processes, a lack of strategic alignment, and no sustainable foundation to support growth. It’s the processes that fail, not the people”. When we align the strategy of the company with efficient processes and ensure we have the right people in the right roles, everyone wins.

Her latest company, SheDefined, Inc. was launched to guide and support the success of female entrepreneurs. Her best seller, She Strategy, is available on Amazon.

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