Joseph Gitto

Founder and Managing Director of Blue Sky Exit Planners and Advisors

I am honored to become part of the Learn to Start mission. Developing practical skill sets through immersion in case studies and problem solving prepares students with the tools they will need for the challenges they will encounter in the real world. Wedded in practice not theory, students leave the program armed with the ability to tackle real life situations.

Joseph A. Gitto Jr., CFP, CEPA is the Managing Director of Blue Sky Exit Planners and Advisors. With over 25 years of experience in various industries, Joe is an accomplished senior Finance, Sales, and Operational Executive, Entrepreneur, Coach, Thought Leader, and Board Member. As a five-time entrepreneur, Joe brings invaluable expertise to clients seeking to scale their businesses, secure financing, or plan for their business exit. In 2020, he founded Blue Sky Exit Planning, aiming to democratize the business planning process for small business¬† owners with revenue below $25 million. Joe ensures that they receive the same level of guidance, planning, and preparation as owners of larger businesses when it comes to selling their businesses. Blue Sky facilitates a comprehensive approach to the Exit Planning process by coordinating the efforts of a business owner’s professional team, ultimately maximizing value for the business owner.

Since 2018, Joe has served as an Industry Partner for Learn to Start. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the East Coast Estate Planning Council. Joe is a founding member of the Exit Planning Institute’s (EPI) Orlando Chapter. Since 2023, he is a Board Member and Chairman of the Audit Committee of iCoreConnect Inc. (Nasdaq: ICCT), a cloud-based software and technology company.

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