Hernan Tagliani

President of The Group Advertising
The Orlando Business Journal’s 2019 CEO of the Year

What your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

In today’s rapidly evolving market, this is who you want on your side. Hernan Tagliani is a leading multicultural marketing expert, business speaker, and author. He is also a national and international writer, contributing writing to The Business Journals (43 publications with more than 12 million online monthly viewers), as well as Houston Chronicle, Funnel Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes Magazine.

Hernan Tagliani has a pretty straightforward – yet challenging- mission: encouraging businesses to embrace diversity as we evolve into a multicultural nation.

As a well-recognized and respected Hispanic business leader, Hernan’s efforts and achievements are helping to promote diversity and inclusion by changing misperceptions, educating leaders, inspiring communication, helping to create more jobs for minorities, and building a greater sense of one community that embraces people of all backgrounds.

Hernan is currently the President of The Group Advertising, one of the fastest growing independent multicultural advertising and digital agencies in the USA with offices in Orlando, Miami and New York. Through his agency, Hernan is helping top companies tap into one of the fastest growing and financially influential consumer segments in the United States—Hispanics. Their spending power is already over $1.7 trillion. Through seminars, training workshops, or one-on-one marketing consultations, Hernan can show you exactly what you need to do in order to connect with and activate this influential audience to significantly assure a sustainable growth of your brand in the years to come.

Hernan was named 2019 CEO of the year and given the Diversity in Business Award by the Orlando Business Journal.

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