Global Ambassadors

Listen in as some of our Global Ambassadors talk about why they’ve chosen to partner with The Startup Studio to empower  and mentor students, and why they believe that The Startup Studio’s programs are critical for students and adults today.


a Global Ambassador

Startup Live™

Live Classroom Series

Each Global Ambassador agrees to participate alongside The Startup Studio inside our Startup Live classroom series.

Master Classes

Real Content from Real Experts

As a Global Ambassador, each member promises to periodically perform a masterclass in their area of expertise. This provides a powerful solution to support The Startup Studio’s mission to bring real and sustainable change to education by planting expert market operators up against our programs to ensure we are delivering cutting-edge content to our community of Learn to Start participants from real world entrepreneurs and business people. 


A Learn to Start Podcast

It is here where all of our incredible instructors engage our Global Ambassadors as our Global Ambassadors share their professional and personal journeys as a guide to all who tune in.

The Summit logo

The Summit

A Virtual Event Connecting the Markets  to Education

The Startup Studio’s Annual Virtual Summit is unlike anything offered inside of education today. It is here where we bridge the gap between education and the markets as a all of our Global Ambassadors spend three days fully engaged with Learn to Start students in one of the most powerful mentor platforms ever brought to education.


Global Ambassadors

Meet the men and women who are our Global Ambassadors. Learn about their accomplishments and discover why they chose to partner with The Startup Studio.

Cindy Schooler
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