Finding Passion Everywhere

My name is Peter Mitchell, and I am currently entering my junior year of college at Florida Gulf Coast University. I am double majoring in management and marketing, and double minoring in sales and entrepreneurship. When I am not taking my classes, I am often working one of my four jobs. I am the team manager for the FGCU Women’s Basketball Team, Campus Recreation Official, Campus Recreation Ambassador, and I work in fan engagement for the Boston Red Sox Spring Training team. My hobbies include watching the New England Patriots, exercising, and collecting snow globes.

Growing Confidence

The Startup Studio truly helped mold me into the man I am today. It gave me the experience and tools that I needed to be in a position to succeed. Through the course, I learned how to work in a team environment. My team, Clover, was able to develop a prototype app that functioned very well given our resources. Not only did we solve real-world problems together and create feasible business ideas, but we also had the opportunity to make sales pitches in front of real-world entrepreneurs. Let me be the first to say, having a successful entrepreneur say they believe in your idea is nothing short of amazing!

Getting Outside My Comfort Zone

As I took the course I noticed that I was interacting with others much better. I used to avoid starting conversations, but my participation in The Startup Studio helped me learn to start them. Not only was I engaging in conversation, but I was speaking with confidence. The course taught me that I could believe in myself and buy into my abilities. The tools I took away from the course have translated into real-world job opportunities for me. For example, the course has influenced my job with the Boston Red Sox. Working in fan engagement for the Boston Red Sox has been wonderful. My job is based around interacting with Red Sox fans regularly, whether it be selling loyalty programs or talking about the Red Sox’s lineup.

The Startup Studio truly helped me learn how to step outside my comfort zone and engage with others.

By Peter Mitchell, LTS Alumnus

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Peter Mitchell

LTS Graduate (WPS)

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