The Startup Studio was brought to life by a visionary entrepreneur whose mission is to ensure that as many people as possible can get access to the skills that will enable them to realize the power they possess.

Our story began with a simple request: “Come give us feedback on a new curriculum to teach entrepreneurship.”

This was what the leadership at Windermere Preparatory School asked of Gary Conroy, a successful entrepreneur who was deeply engaged with the school community.

Gary listened to the people in the room share their thoughts on how business and entrepreneurship should be taught, growing more and more convinced that these traditional methodologies could never be the solution they were seeking.

Expressing his vision for a program that would truly revolutionize the way that students learned and experienced the journey of entrepreneurship, he was given the unprecedented opportunity to build an entirely new program from scratch.

Photo courtesy of Windermere Preparatory School.

For the next three years, Gary immersed himself in the classroom to fully understand the complexities of what was needed and to begin crafting what today has become The Startup Studio’s premiere school program, “Learn to Start.”

Gary knew that the last thing people needed was more “academic content.” So, he founded The Startup Studio to bring a new model to education; one that didn’t just teach a collection of theories, ideas, and facts, but rather engages people in a transformation of their mindset that puts them on the path to free agency, so they are more fully equipped for whatever path in life they choose.

“The only way we are going to fix the world is to fix us first. We have to empower ourselves with the skill and mindset to become autonomous actors in the world, but that means changing how we learn and develop. If we can do that, we can begin to remove the institutions and problems that are destroying us and our planet.”

Gary Conroy

Founder and CEO of The Startup Studio

Our Mission

To be a sustainable solution that can bring about real change in education.

Our Promise

To deliver a disruptive model of education founded on empowerment, performance, and wellness.

What Does


Stand For?

The Startup Studio believes that in order for people to have a positive influence in the world, education must change. We must give people the opportunity to “Learn to Start” so as to live out lives of empowerment, performance, and wellness. Only then can we solve the great problems of the world.


The Startup Studio believes that trust is the number one component in developing environments in which students and professionals can learn to fail and take risk so as to become self-empowered human beings.


The Startup Studio believes that change can only be accomplished through time and patience if it is expected to remain a constant.


The Startup Studio believes that in order to truly bring about real change in education, we must allow for cutting-edge, transformative innovation to be the force that ensures that change.


The Startup Studio believes that, as a result of advanced technology, we are the first generation in history that has the power to change the world into a planet that is efficient, sustainable, and profitable for everyone that lives on it, but where profitability is measured not by one’s wealth but rather by one’s level of fulfillment.