Learn to STart

A Powerful Solution to a Real Problem

1 %

Teens who say anxiety and depression is a “major problem” among their peers.

2018 Pew Research Survey

1 %

Employees worldwide who are not engaged at work.

State of the Global Workplace
– Gallup Report (2017)

1 %

Employees who say a whole new approach to education, skills training and learning, or an education revolution, is needed to better prepare people for the workforce

The Harris Poll (2020)

Sir Richard Branson

“If we give children the freedom to learn by failing, we will encourage a generation of entrepreneurs who can change the world and drive innovation.”

Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Media

“Everyone agrees that the failure of our high schools is tragic. It's bad business, and it's bad policy. But we act as if it can't be helped. It can be helped. We designed these high schools; we can redesign them.”

Melinda Gates, Co-Founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

"Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough."

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX

“We stigmatize mistakes. And we’re now running national educational systems where mistakes are the worst thing you can make — and the result is that we are educating people out of their creative capacities.”

Sir Ken Robinson, Education and Creativity Expert

“The jobs of tomorrow won’t wait for workers to take their time to learn the necessary skills. The sooner we align what is taught in school and upskilling at companies with the demands of the workforce, the easier it will be to create large talent pools of workers necessary for a stable and successful economy.”

Bill Stoller, CEO of Express

Janet Napolitano

"Today in America, we are trying to prepare students for a high tech world of constant change, but we are doing so by putting them through a school system designed in the early 20th Century that has not seen substantial change in 30 years."

Janet Napolitano, Former Secretary of Homeland Security

“At The Startup Studio we use our powerful technology platform to place the markets right up against every program we serve”

– Anastasia Hall, Director of Curriculum

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Learn to Start is not a business course.

We use entrepreneurship as a vehicle by which to drive real and meaningful change that develops the outcomes of empowerment, performance and wellness in every student and professional we serve - a massive differentiator from traditional business and entrepreneurship programs offered in the market today.

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Learn to Start Develops...

People who are confident and who know themselves.

People who are excellent communicators that can quickly articulate progress, problems, and solutions.

People with a high degree of free agency and independence.

People who know how to solve problems worth solving where fast failure is an imperative.

People who understand what it really means to execute using sustainability, profitability, and efficiency as their test metrics.

People who know and understand that relationship and networking are the keys to success.

Areas of Growth Identified by Learn to Start Students

1 %

Growth in the development of core skills

1 %

Growth reflected in life outside the program

1 %

Learned to take risks and embrace failure

1 %

Knowledge of who they are

The Value of a Learn to Start Mindset

1 %

Empowers growth

1 %

Development of skills

1 %

Relevant to every aspect of life

What Students Say About

Learn to Start

"I find myself not only creating solutions to my product's problems, but I've learned how to solve my own problems in the process - like my fear of speaking."

"This program has allowed me to tell my story and other stories properly, how they should be told. I have realized that there is more to life than grades, and that even a class with no grades can push you to your limits."

Students pitch an idea

"I have grown far more comfortable expressing myself and understanding who I am, as well as knowing how to think outside the box. This was a drastic change compared to the beginning of the year."

Students at UCF Summer Workshop

"This program has connected into my real life. Almost every teachers has said, "Wow! That was a very professional presentation!" I am able to communicate what I want to say."

"The entrepreneurial mindset enables one to take risks, have an open mind, think outside the box, and solve the endless problems we face in humanity."

"The entrepreneurial mindset can be applied to anything in everyday life. Since it focuses heavily on how you carry yourself and your image, I always show all of the good I embody to others."

"I have noticed that many people consider themselves creative or problem-solvers, but it takes an entrepreneurial mindset to really take things to another level and think outside the box."

Hear what Highly Accomplished Professionals

say about Learn to Start

“The Startup Studio is changing lives by developing independent thinkers through innovation in education, shifting the way our students think, opening minds, and involving the entrepreneurial community in education. This program should be a part of every school’s curriculum.”

Julia Aquino-Serrano, Founder & CEO of All Systems Grow

“I support The Startup Studio because the future is created in the present, and investing in today’s young minds insures that tomorrow is better.”

Simon Bailey, Founder & Leader of The Spark Movement

“The Startup Studio offers students an unparalleled opportunity to build skills that will benefit them across any career path they choose.”

Matthew Custage, Sr. Vice President of FUEL Partnerships

Sander Eijkenduijn

"Students need to be prepared to take on the challenges of a constantly changing environment. This is why I believe The Startup Studio's mission is so important."

Sander Eijkenduijn, Co-Founder at SCORPEO US LLC

"Learning to take risks with your ideas is the first step to success, and The Startup Studio helps facilitate this conversation."

Cindy Schooler, Managing Principal of SRS Real Estate Partners

"Equipping young people with entrepreneurial skills and a process for taking their ideas to reality will add significant value to many facets of their lives. The Startup Studio’s commitment to instilling these skills and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within our youth, coupled with their disruptive yet highly effective approach to education, is why I am proud to be a supporter."

David Brim, Founding Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Orlando Opportunity Fund


Hear what our School Partners

say about Learn to Start

"To see students really being agile thinkers, to know how to pivot, to think on their feet, and to take really genuine feedback from peers and adults and know how to internalize it because they have a real intrinsic desire to be better has allowed this program to surpass any expectation I could have had."

Elise Ecoff, Group Education Director, Nord Anglia Eduction

“The Learn to Start curriculum should be considered an “absolute must offer” experience for students in both public and private secondary schools across the entire nation.”

Tom Marcy, 50 Year Leader in Education and Retired Head of Windermere Preparatory School

“I am so impressed with the level of discourse. The way students are pushed to consider different markets or different approaches. They are not only learning how to receive feedback but, more importantly, they are learning how to give it and that is a super powerful skill for them regardless of what they do in life.”

Bruce Fawcett, Head of North Broward Preparatory School

"Learn to Start students understand that “F” does not stand for failure anymore but rather stands for 'Find another way.'"

Leslie Williams, Director of High School, Windermere Preparatory School