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Market-Ready Defined

One would initially perceive this to mean readiness for the jobs market and in some ways that is accurate but not nearly entirely. In our estimation, the current economic model and monetary system that drives most economies in the world is going to remain in place. In fact, it will not be until the world achieves true globalization that the economic model and monetary systems may shift. We do not see that happening in the next 100 years. That implies that a human being is going to have to continue to seek out financial security through employment or value creation post their education. However, the definition of employment and value creation has shifted as a result of the exponential rise of the fourth industrial revolution.  Being market-ready means being prepared to be useful in these changing markets that are witnessing exponential change, where we will need human beings who are proficient primarily in creativity, communication, collaboration, and empathy, regardless of the career path or paths they seek to serve. Why these skills in particular? Mainly because advanced technologies will be handling everything else. Of the greatest importance, these markets are now unpredictable, and humans must be capable of constant iteration inside of them.

But being market-ready also means being well and being capable of experiencing a fulfilled life. Of late, we are seeing a growing number of mental health aids coming into the market. Mental health is a very real issue like no time before. That is primarily because we are the first generation to begin understanding how much we have neglected this area of human development.  Simply put, we do not develop humans inside of education to be mentally healthy. Instead, we still insist on using an assembly line system based on academics to push all humans to build a transcript whose only metric of assessment is academic testing using highly antiquated academic subjects. At no time in the process does anyone stop and ask the human – who are you? As a result, there is a horrible relevance gap generated as the human being is driven by everyone else’s expectations and never their own. Now we see numerous solutions coming to the market where people can access therapy with ease as a result of an exponential rise in anxiety and depression. Sadly, mental health solutions are becoming heavily demanded as more and more human beings struggle with knowing who they are. 

So, when Learn to Start says “Market-Ready” it implies we desire to develop students inside an entire system of education that we call K-Market™, and in a way that exposes them to an entirely new learning engine that brings about three very specific outcomes – Alignment, Productivity and Competitiveness. It is those three outcomes that actually allow the student to enter the market in a way in which their mental health is well developed, where they are aligned with their passions and interests, and where they actually know what it means to execute on their ideas.

Market-Ready means the complete human being who can serve a new market in a way that builds a world that can be sustainable and caring and can allow that human to begin avoiding the pitfalls of all the systems in our society that are institutional and causing poor outcomes both for the individual and the planet as a whole. I suppose you could say we want to develop humans who are far less in need of mental health solutions as a result of experiencing a model of development that prepared them for empowered lives. Moreover, these humans are ready and able to pivot in unpredictable markets and understand that learning is for life and that all outcomes are, first and foremost, based on a person’s ability to change, think critically, and solve as they move with confidence as a result of always being able to answer the only three questions that really matter:


Who are you?


What can you do?


How do you prove it?

“As long as you have greater insight and self-knowledge than the algorithms, your choices will still be superior and you will keep at least some authority in your hands. If the algorithms nevertheless seem poised to take over, it is mainly because most human beings hardly know themselves at all.”

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