Learn to Start

A Model in Future-Proofing

Learn to Start® (LTS) is a new model that has been invented as a solution for transforming education. The Startup Studio has worked tirelessly since 2014, deep-diving and  researching education and has brought this model to life through a comprehensive curriculum merged with a state-of-the-art technology platform. Learn to Start is a life-long model of education built to develop the complete human being so that they can experience the outcomes of empowerment, performance, and wellness.

Industry-Demanded Outcomes

In Education


We must help people discover themselves and begin building in them their true potential, as we show them how to properly tell their real story in the world.


The metrics of success we use have no correlation to a traditional grading system but instead are based on the metrics of sustainability, profitability, and efficiency – metrics that will be highly demanded by a 21st-century marketplace employer.


At The Startup Studio we believe that the only way to accomplish that is to build powerful new learning environments founded in technology, complimented by powerful mentorship, that is all supported by a new and cutting-edge disruptive model in education.

“The Learn to Start student journey is founded in their ability to answer three essential questions: Who am I? What can I do? How can I prove my value? It is in answering these three questions that students develop themselves into being completely aligned with the marketplace because they have clear passions, skills, and pathways into it. The experiences and opportunities provided through the curriculum are how we build effective human beings capable of failing fast to achieve the skills and mindset that we believe matter most in the new world.”
Anastasia Hall
Anastasia Hall
Director of Education

21st Century


We develop students so they can Learn to Start their lives and their futures in a way that aligns them with who they really are – their passions, and their interests – and all connected to the reality of 21st-century professional standards.


Participants who understand the true art of effective communication and the importance of selling oneself through self-branding.


Participants who know how to work in teams and who understand the power of effective collaboration.

Time Management

Participants who have learned what it really means to execute, all within the challenge of balancing demanding schedules.

Critical Thinking &
Problem Solving

Participants who know how to model a creative thought from ideation to execution with the focus always on the builder.


Participants who know the real meaning and value of empathy.

Digital Literacy

Participants who are empowered and know how to leverage relevant technologies to meet their own needs.


Participants who are confident. They understand risk and know what it means to execute.


Participants who know how to decipher and apply relevant data to solve problems worth solving.

Learn to Start

An End-to-End Solution

The Startup Studio is a complete solution that connects education directly to the marketplace.

Alliance - All

The Startup Studio believes we must change how people learn so they are capable of building outcomes that produce sustainability, profitability, and efficiency inside the highly unpredictable internal and external environments of 21st-century markets.

“The next decade will witness education undergo massive disruption when it comes to how people choose to learn. Learn to Start has been invented as a powerful solution for educational institutions seeking to claim alignment with the demands and realities of a 21st-century marketplace and ensure they are protecting themselves from this disruption.”

Gary Conroy

Founder & CEO of The Startup Studio



The LEARN TO START model of education

Outcomes of this environment

A Model

For Life

Step 1: Learn

LTS participants begin by learning how to embed the Learn to Start Model into their lives to accomplish real agency.

Step 2: Launch

LTS participants use the powerful resources inside of our LTS Alliance to monetize their passions and interests.

Step 3: Live

LTS participants have constant access to the tools they need to sustain lives of empowerment, performance, and wellness.